"Aspen Trees" Fine Artwork Collection

On this outstanding collection, artist Isabella Garaffa gives you a different approach to the beauty of Aspen trees with techniques that enhance their delicacy and exquisiteness. Like, for example, her mixture of colors to accomplish that almost translucent pearl white that characterizes birch trees. Or the details of the "eyes", making them ever so real. Aspen trees are fascinating, specially in the fall when their leaves turn the forests into golden gems. She captures this bewitching glow by using different angles where you can see the trunk of the trees and the leaves hanging from above, moving with the wind. Each painting leaves a testament of hope and truth behind, through messages and words that are imaginarily carved on the trees and also written in collage paper on the sides. This unique collection it's a beautiful merge of contemporary style with stunning ingenuity, that you will hardly find anywhere else. See for yourself and enjoy!